Insurance Related Activities


Real World Experience

Members of our team are asked to work throughout the Asia Pacific region and globally on a variety of  major losses, many involving values in excess of $20 million. From first notification of a loss, our team members work seamlessly with our team of property and liability adjusters to provide immediate assistance in developing claims mitigation and settlement strategies. The team is involved at the highest levels with the Insured, liaising with relevant parties to minimise the impact of any incident. Determination of the extent of the physical losses, and the ramifications this will have on the Insured’s business is key to providing Insurers with accurate and timely information and in setting initial reserves, monitoring progress and controlling costs. The team manages losses by control, analysis and verification of evidence and data, ascertaining the losses solely attributable to a particular incident and resolving contentious issues.

Business Interruption

Including Advanced Loss of Profits, Public Utilities, Denial of Access and Customer & Supplier Extension claims.

A key component of the day-to-day activities of the team revolve around the quantification of business interruption and stock losses that flow from large and/or complex matters.

Our team will assume responsibility for:

  • Considering loss mitigation strategies
  • Gathering information and financial records
  • Analysing historical trend data
  • Researching benchmark data
  • Reviewing budgets and forecasts
  • Applying modelling techniques to predict outcomes
  • Evaluating anticipated revenue
  • Calculating rates of gross profit and rates of payroll
  • Determining savings of insured overheads

Stock Losses

Examination of stock losses is routinely undertaken using the team’s accountancy skills to identify the existence, accuracy and value to be admitted to a claim. They confirm correct cut-off procedures, review standard costing systems, eliminate fixed costs where necessary and make appropriate adjustments for obsolescence.

Site visits are an integral part of the data collection process where management information is gathered for future assessment of claims.

Fidelity Guarantee & Fraud

Our team has the ability to undertake a full investigation into policy or legal liability and quantum by offering a tailored solution to identify the extent of employee fraud or dishonesty.

Our team deals with more fidelity claims than any other insurance provider and act both directly for Insurers and as an Investigator for both the Insured and Insurer.

With a comprehensive array of investigation techniques covering intelligence gathering to analysis, we are able to deliver an effective investigation and early settlement.

We are focussed on the possibilities of recovery and are able to prepare evidence briefs and act as expert witnesses in court.

Features of this Service Include:

  • Identifying the full extent of any defalcation
  • Analysing internal controls and any failures thereof
  • Assessing weaknesses in segregation of duties
  • Offering advice on improvements to the internal control environment
  • Reviewing facts and circumstances of a loss and providing advice on policy indemnity
  • Measuring quantum and confirming the timing of loss
  • Interviewing witnesses and suspects including preparing necessary statements
  • Retrieving and examining electronic hard copy evidence
  • Managing and controlling evidence and documentation
  • Liaising with the police
  • Delivering testimony where required
  • Reviewing the potential for recovery including asset tracing

Litigation / Mediation Support

Crawford’s team of financial specialists provides expert support and guidance. We focus on facilitating highly professional, commercially sensitive and proactive investigation for analysis and reporting.

Our experience in quantifying economic loss across a variety of industries adds value to litigation procedures. We are able to identify the key issues, analyse and compile data so that it is readily understood and prepare reports which are comprehensive and incisive. We assist in pretrial conferences and providing and preparing
expert witness reports.

Product Liability, Product Recall, Product Guarantee and Financial Loss

We offer a fully managed service embracing risk analysis and incident planning, with an investigative approach.

Key features include:

  • Advice on the logistics and destruction of product after withdrawal notification and recall procedures
  • Project management of the analysis of the proximate cause of product failure or contamination
  • Quantification of the costs of recall and consequential loss of profit
  • Review of claims to ensure accuracy, validity, existence of recalled or withdrawn items and avoidance of “doublecounting”
  • Advice on the re-establishment of products in the market once supply is able to recommence
  • Comparison of the facts and circumstances of a product recall or withdrawal to determine the value of any Indemnity payable under the policy
  • Assessment of subrogation opportunities and the rigorous pursuit of recoveries

Wherever possible, negotiations between parties are conducted on a strictly confidential basis with a view to achieving a prompt and equitable settlement, thus allowing commercial relationships to continue once the loss has been resolved.

Our experience in this area also includes claims arising from malicious product tamper and extortion.


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