Simple Loss Calculator


Our Simple Loss Calculator is designed for the many retail and wholesale Business Interruption claims where the loss duration is 14 days or less.

We have segmented the process into five easy to follow steps:

Step 1. Analyse the insurance policy to determine both the basis and the extent of cover.
Step 2. Review of the causal issues to determine any limitations in relation to policy response.
Step 3. Assessment of the length during which the business is affected by the insured event, commonly known as the Indemnity Period.
Step 4. Consideration of potential complex claims valuation issues.
Step 5. The calculation of loss.

Let the computer do all the work and calculate any Business Interruption trend for you or provide your own inputs – the choice is yours.

As you move through the program you will be able to click on the helpful hints (denoted by a (?)]) that will provide guidance. Access to FAQ’s (logo) prepared by Crawford Forensic Accounting Services (CFAS) should also assist.

After the fifth stage of the program, you will be asked to make sure you have gathered together all the relevant financial information to support the loss calculation.

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