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Crawford Forensic Accounting Services offers a unique service both in Australia and elsewhere around the world. There is virtually no industry sector that we haven’t worked with and no loss type outside of our expereince. If you are looking for a financial resource that wants to understand you and your needs then look no further than CFAS.

Crawford Forensic Accounting Service (CFAS) Australia

CFAS Australia has a dedicated team of 14 qualified accountants with representation in all major Capital Cities. Members of our team work throughout the Asia Pacific region, and globally when required. Details of our team, their qualifications and experiences can be accessed by clicking on the header above.

CFAS Rapid

CFAS Rapid provides a cost effective solution to the handling of small and less complex Business Interruption claims, using the CFAS toolkit to gather information about a claim in a consistent manner and to help understand it’s complexity, referring more difficult matters to CFAS.

CFAS Global

With offices spread around the world including in the Americas, Canada, Continental Europe, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom, we are here to support the needs of our clients. Details of our team, their qualifications and experience can be accessed by clicking on the header above.

Specialist Services – Australia

Specialist Services – Australia incorporates:

  • Global Technical Services (GTS), which primarily involves Major Property, Mining, Energy, and Construction and Engineering.
  • Liability, which extends to Product Liability, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.
  • CFAS, which supports our GTS and Liability teams in dealing with the financial aspects of claims, as well as providing stand alone capability for amongst other things:
. Business Interruption 
. Stock Valuation 
. Fidelity Guarantee 
. Economic loss and litigation support 
. Cyber

For details of our Management Team, click on the link above.





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