Document Request List


All business interruption losses require the supply of basic financial information.

The detail that is required depends upon a number of factors including, the length of the period a business is affected by the event giving rise to the loss (the Indemnity Period), the business type, and more specific impact(s) of the loss on the business.

Delays in requesting and receiving information will inevitably hold up the assessment process, as will requests for inappropriate or inadequate information.

Identify the estimated period the business will be affected by a loss and answer a few simple questions to produce an industry specific Document Request List.

The list can be edited and other common requests for information included where not specifically identified.

As an adjunct to our Document Request List we also provide a framework, specific to the policy in force, outlining the basic steps involved in the calculation of loss.

The use of the Document Request List is not a presumption that an insurance policy will indemnify any party for their financial loss.

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