Forensic Accounting Services


Real World Experience

Members of our team have work throughout the Asia Pacific region and globally on a variety of major losses, a number involving values in excess of $20 million.

Many of the aspects of quantifying losses in the insurance environment translate into the non insurance environment. If you have suffered physical damage to your property or from an event that has caused you financial loss then we can quantify it for you. If you have been supplied with faulty materials or incorrect professional advice, similarly we have the experience to value any financial losses you have suffered.

Litigation / Mediation Support

Crawford’s team of financial specialists provide expert support and guidance. We focus on facilitating highly professional, commercially sensitive and proactive investigation for analysis and reporting.

Our experience in quantifying economic loss across a variety of industries adds value to litigation procedures. We are able to identify the key issues, analyse and compile data so that it is readily understood. At the conclusion of our investigation we are able to prepare reports which are comprehensive and incisive. We assist in pre-trial conferences and providing and preparing expert witness reports.

Fidelity Claims

We are often requested to act as the Investigator on a fidelity claim, whether as a precursor to submitting an insurance claim, or part of a civil action against the perpetrator no one has more experience than the team at CFAS.


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