Reserve Estimator


Our Reserve Estimator takes you through a number of simple steps to provide you with an estimate of potential loss that considers the applicable Sums Insured/Limits of liability relating to the policy that is in force for the loss suffered.

Simply enter various policy details available from the schedule and policy, provide some basic financial information about the business, and identify the key impacts on the business to calculate an estimate of likely loss. During various steps of the process we offer guidance on aspects of the calculation to assist in it’s completion.

Our Reserve Estimator includes a detailed calculation of the estimate of loss based on the inputs entered into the programme, a report detailing how the estimate has been calculated, identifies various attributes that might impact on the reserve estimate and provides a standard document request list that will enable a quicker resolution of any claim, supported by a Step by Step guide to calculate a loss as a reference point for the claimant, their broker or other advisor(s).

The answer provided by the reserve estimator is only as good as the information entered into it, the more accurate the information the better.

There are a number of intrinsic assumptions within the reserve calculator that may limit its accuracy and users of this Reserve Estimator should not rely on the valuation produced.

The use of the Reserve Estimator is not a presumption that an insurance policy will indemnify any party for their financial loss.

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