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CFAS provides support for both our Insurance-related clients, and those entities who have suffered an un-insured financial loss which requires quantifying. For further information click on the links below:

Insurance Related Activities

We have experience in virtually every type of insured financial lines claim. Whether it relates to business interruption or stock, product contamination or fidelity guarantee, product liability or advanced loss of profits (DSU), and many more.

Forensic Accounting Services

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an insurance policy that covers the financial loss a business may suffer. Whether it be as a result of damage caused by a climactic event or other peril, whether you have suffered from a fraud or negligent advice, CFAS can quantify your loss for you.

CFAS Toolkit

Our CFAS Toolkit features a Reserve Estimator, tailored Document Request List, Trend Calculator, and Simple Loss Calculator for small retail claims.

Reserve Estimator

Do you have an insurance policy covering business interruption and would like to accrue for the potential financial effect of an insured event, or are you an insurance provider and need to reserve for it’s impact?

Maybe you are an intermediary and are seeking to provide quantum advice to a client?  Look no further, the CFAS reserve estimator is the logical and simple answer.

Document Request List

All business interruption losses require the supply of basic financial information. The detail that is required depends upon a number of factors including, the length of the period a business is affected by the event giving rise to the loss (the Indemnity Period), the business type, and more specific impact(s) of the loss on the business.

Trend Calculator

Each business interruption loss requires an assessment of the turnover that would have been achieved but for the Damage that caused the loss. Our CFAS Trend Calculator takes you through a few easy steps that will deliver a calculation of expected turnover.

Simple Loss Calculator

Some small retail losses in respect of business interruption are not overly complicated to calculate with the right tools. If you want help with such a loss, try out our Simple Loss Calculator.


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